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12 productive commute activities backed up by science

Commuting is one of those things in life which you just can’t avoid. As much as we hate being lodged in a queue of traffic or being stranded at Crewe train station because Arriva Trains Wales can’t get their act together (not bitter), we have to do it to provide for ourselves and others. But […]

questions to ask in a job interview… and a few to avoid

“Do you have any questions for me?” A lot of people assume that a job interview is a one way street when it comes to asking questions. Those people are probably the least successful when it comes to converting job interviews into jobs. Asking questions is a necessity, not just for you, but also for […]

AI, hacking, data: the dangers of developing technology

Over the last few months, there has been a large volume of alarming stories from far and wide involving the use of technology for… evil. George Thomas/Flickr They range from Elon Musk hypothesising about Terminators wiping out humanity, to real life lacking and government spying. There’s a lot out there that could scare any old […]