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Bad Recruiters. How do we change perceptions?

November 15, 2016

Through my time in recruitment, I have learned a thing or two: the importance of treating candidates as people; there is more to the role of a recruiter than just hitting KPI’s and putting numbers on the whiteboard; and the importance of building trusted, loyal, relationships. After all, if we place the right candidates with […]

25 difficult interview questions and how to answer them

September 21, 2016

Difficult interview questions are becoming more common in recruitment processes in an effort to identify the best talent. Is this fair? Of course it is. They expect you to come prepared. They want to see how quick you think. They want to see you be different. Act different. Think different. After all, it’s not up to them to […]

Computers: replacement for or compliment of recruiters?

July 21, 2016

Computers are getting smarter by the day. They’re learning more about us too. But could computers become better at our jobs than us? Research from Kosinski, Youyou and Stilwell (via The Huffington Post) showed that an algorithm that uses Facebook likes as its sole source of information can read people better than the human brain […]

Selling yourself to recruiters as a graduate

May 14, 2016

You graduates are wonderful for recruiters to work with; you’re bright, enthusiastic, sparky and hungry to get your career kick started into action. This is fantastic, and exactly what we as recruiters are looking for when we speak to you. BUT (there is always a ‘but’ when there is something so positive to begin with) […]

10 surprising reasons why you didn’t get the job

Being turned away for jobs is one of the hardest emotional experiences someone can go through. You can feel hopeless, lost and tired. We’ve all been there at some point. But what if it wasn’t all your fault? Here’s the thing: There are more reasons for why you didn’t get the job than “inexperience” or “not being […]

8 inspiring creative cv ideas that got people interviews

Employers and recruiters alike receive countless CVs on a daily basis. Many of these fall short of expectations. Many would be fantastic, if they didn’t look like all the others in the pile. If you’re looking to stand out from a crowd of hundreds and thousands of candidates, you need to produce a CV that […]

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