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Our Values

Read what makes us stand out from the rest

Have Knowledge

We Learn Obsessively

We ask lots of questions to every client and candidate we work with. Not a standard checklist - the questions that give us a deeper level of understanding of what makes an individual or business tick. Why? Because it’s important that we know exactly what our clients want to achieve, what their technology does, where they want it to go, and the culture they want to build around their team. And for the candidate, we have to understand their projects, experience, and their motivations. These are the crucial ingredients that allow us to make the perfect, long-term match.

We Use Our Intuition

We balance our instinct and our intellect. At Auburn Rose, it’s not a tick box/application form exercise. Sometimes it’s not as easy and black and white. We work hard to understand both client and candidate so that we can make sense of the grey areas, and make sure we leave no stone unturned, to ensure that talent is placed where it belongs.

Be Professional

We Make Things Happen

We go above and beyond to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible on both sides. Whether it’s an interview that has to be arranged for the next day and our client is only telling us at 9pm, or we have to speak to a candidate outside of normal working hours – whatever it is, we take responsibility, and we make it happen.

We Don’t Take Shortcuts

We pride ourselves on being thorough and meticulous, and doing it consistently. No detail is too small. Due diligence is key for us, during all stages.

Be Personable

We See You For Who You Are

We’re unbiased. Each candidate and client for us is an individual case, no matter what the industry perception may be. Again, our process is not a checklist exercise. At Auburn Rose, it’s about recognising talent when we see it.

We’re In It Together

Client or candidate, if we are working with you, we want the best for you. Whatever it takes, we’re a team.

Do you have a question?

We only want the best for you and are here for you every step of the way.